Thomas Muller says it’s harder to win in Bayern training sessions than in Bundesliga matches

Since teammate Dante couldn’t take his brand of gentle ribbing about the most painful moment of his life, Thomas Muller has now turned his banter gun to everyone else in the Bundesliga with a statement that isn’t all that surprising, but still hits where it hurts. By saying that Bayern Munich’s training sessions are more difficult than their matches against Bundesliga opposition.

From Sportal:

“We have a very high level in training,” the Germany international told the DPA news agency.

“The defending team are part of Bayern and it is often more difficult to win against our training team than perhaps against a team in the Bundesliga.

“[This is] precisely because the tactical level is identical because, of course, everyone has the same understanding.”

At the top of the table with an 11-point cushion during the winter break, Bayern are once again making easy work of the Bundesliga. If this continues much longer, the German football association might have to create a new top tier where Bayern just play against themselves every week in order to keep things interesting.