Kevin De Bruyne fined for swearing at German ball boy in English

As we have already established, ball boys are duplicitous scoundrels. Kevin De Bruyne learned this during his brief spells with Chelsea in between getting sent out on loan. Another thing he apparently learned at Chelsea: swearing in English.

During Wolfsburg’s 1–1 draw at Frankfurt, De Bruyne was unhappy with the speed at which the local ball boys were moving, so at one point he shouted “Get the ball, you motherf***er.” This was caught by the pitchside mics and now he’s been fined €20,000 for “unsporting behavior.”

De Bruyne said he would apologize to the ball boy, who plays for Frankfurt’s U-16 team, and give him a signed shirt. Hopefully he signs it “To Motherf***er…”

Video via 101GG