Stuttgart fans console young player who conceded losing goal

There was joy for Burussia Dortmund on Friday as they notched their third consecutive win to go from the relegation zone to 10th in the Bundesliga table in that span, but as happy as they were, Stuttgart were equally miserable. The 3–2 loss dropped them to the very bottom of the table and to make matters worse, the decisive goal was scored when 18-year-old defender Timo Baumgartl’s backpass went terribly wrong in the 89th minute.

After the final whistle, the Stuttgart players went and spoke with the home fans, just as Dortmund had done when they hit their low a few weeks ago. Baumgartl was in tears over his costly error, but instead of unleashing hell on him, the fans consoled and embraced him.

This is how you support a club.