Borussia Dortmund start “No beer for racists” campaign



Borussia Dortmund have distributed one million “No beer for racists” coasters to local pubs and restaurants as part of campaign to fight the city’s sizable neo-Nazi scene. According to the club, the idea behind the campaign is to reach the places were “football is experienced most intensely outside the stadium” to spread the word that “Borussia, beer — and Nazis? That does not fit!”


The Ruhr city has one of the biggest right-wing political scenes in Germany. Only recently death threats made to several journalists covering the problem were made public, with one journalist attacked in the city centre on Monday.

Borussia Dortmund have also been in the headlines for several far-right incidents, with one fan liaison officer recently being verbally attacked.

Coasters and a few well meanings slogans can only do so much, though. So to add a bit of substance to the campaign, the club also put together a list of factual rebuttals to the most common garbage spouted by racists in casual conversation (“Foreigners take our jobs/bleed the system,” “They’re criminals,” “They don’t want to integrate culturally,”).

Borussia Dortmund’s fight against racism/Nazism is nothing new. In 2014, they produced a clever video showing that Nazis and football just don’t mix.