Referee tries to withhold match ball from Zlatan, ultimately fails

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a hat trick in PSG’s 3–1 win against Lorient last Friday and after the match, he asked the referee for the ball, as is customary. The ref bravely refused to hand it over, though, forcing Zlatan to ask him for it again in the tunnel.

“Wait, wait, I decide,” the ref defiantly replied.

“Wait for what?” Zlatan asked. “Ah, you want to be the boss now. OK. Good. You’re the boss. Good for the camera.”

Zlatan then headed into PSG’s dressing room without his souvenir.

It was an odd stance for the referee to take, but it might have been the result of some bitterness over Zlatan’s recent comments about the quality of referees in France.

Zlatan will not be denied, though. He later posted a photo of the ball safely buckled into a seat on his flight back to Sweden for international duty, along with the caption “For those of you wondering where the ball is…”

Anyway, if you have any information as to whereabouts of that referee, his family would surely like to know.