Zlatan gracefully accepts defeat to Neymar and Barcelona


Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned from suspension to stand on the pitch and watch Barcelona dispatch PSG from the Champions League in tidy fashion. It was yet another indignity at the Camp Nou for the former Barca player, who also lost there in the group stage this season and was eliminated from the quarterfinals there on away goals two years ago.

But Zlatan is a fair and just deity, he accepted that David Luiz’s performances did not deserve to be rewarded with a place in the semifinals and took the loss like a Zlentleman.

After the final whistle, he swapped shirts with Neymar, who scored both of Barcelona’s goals to continue his cruel, unprompted vendetta against PSG that has resulted in five goals in four matches against them this season. He then generously gave his tiny friends on the victorious side more hugs, handshakes and smiles, which he first offered to Leo Messi before the match.


He even kept his cool when Pedro stifled a laugh (presumably at David Luiz) in Zlatan’s presence.


Now Zlatan returns to France, secure in the knowledge that at 33 years old, he is still too good for the European Cup.