Aston Villa’s best FA Cup final moment: the decision to have booze delivered to the dressing room win or lose

Arsenal dominated Aston Villa in the FA Cup final, winning 4–0 to lift the trophy for a record 12th time. Though Villa were simply outgunned (puns!) from the start, they put in a dismal performance that made one pre-match decision their best of the day.

According to the day’s official running order, which was shared on Twitter by BBC commentator Guy Mowbray, Villa chose to have beer (eight crates) and champagne delivered to their dressing room after the match win or lose. Arsenal, meanwhile, opted to have their booze shipment sent to the team bus only if they won and the referees had a modest haul of 15 beers sent their way.

So don’t feel too bad for Aston Villa. They made an improbable run to the final and they had enough alcohol to quickly forget just how awful that final was. Maybe Tim Sherwood is a tactical genius after all.