Cologne’s mascot projected onto the Hoover Dam for strange new world record



Because the world is a strange, nonsensical place, Cologne’s crest and mascot, Hennes, were projected onto the Hoover Dam (yes, the one in the United States) to set a new Guinness World Record for largest ever projection.

But of all the things to project onto the Arizona landmark, why this? Was it part of a court settlement after Hennes was assaulted by a coworker earlier this season?


Covering an area of 39,000 square metres, the logo covered practically the whole surface of the infamous American landmark. Cologne-based PR agency Oliver Schrott Kommunikation (OSK) chose the Köln logo to experiment the new powerful lighting system installed, thanks in no small way to the affinity to the club of many of the firm’s employees.

Regardless of the reason, it’s just nice to see Hennes finally get the respect he deserves.