Dick Advocaat in tears as Sunderland avoid relegation


Sunderland matches the Premier League record of 17 draws in a 38-game season with their scoreless effort against Arsenal, but it was enough to avoid relegation yet again. It also had manager Dick Advocaat in tears…of joy. Not boredom, like everyone else.

The Dutch hardman came to Sunderland’s rescue in March, but it seems his reveal of a sensitive side is down to the fact that this could be his last achievement before retiring.

When asked earlier this month if he will continue with Sunderland next season, Advocaat referenced a promise he made his wife that this was only a short-term gig, saying (via the Independent):

“No, no, no I’ll get a divorce,” he said, when asked if he could see himself carrying on. “This is my last job. I have had a great career and won a lot of prizes and am really enjoying what I am doing now. Hopefully, we will stay up — if not I will still have enjoyed my time at Sunderland.”

Job done.