Madrid ball boy plays keep away from Patrice Evra

In the latest show of the Ball Boy Cabal’s tyrannical rule over football, a member of the Madrid faction flexed their impudence during the second leg of the Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Juventus.

As Patrice Evra attempted to collect the ball, a ball boy on the other side of the advertising board reached over and pulled it away from the Juve defender. This prompted a small scuffle for the ball that wasted the time of people all over the world, once again proving that Jose Mourinho was right and ball boys are the worst people on the planet.

The sooner we replace them all with ball retrieving robots, the better off football will be.

If you know anyone who is a ball boy or has ever expressed an interest in becoming one, please report them to the local authorities and, with any luck, they will be put in jail forever so they can no longer be a scourge on society.