Tobin Heath demonstrates her underrated brilliance with devastating elastico against Mexico

With the Women’s World Cup fast approaching, the most talked about players on the U.S. team will inevitably be Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and, for better or worse, Hope Solo. But in their 5–1 win against Mexico on Sunday, one player too often under appreciated provided a reminder of why any fan (or opposing player) should watch her closely at next month’s tournament.

Tobin Heath absolutely scorched a Mexico defender with a perfectly executed elastico before setting up Wambach for the U.S.’s final goal, eliciting an “Aye Papa!” from the Spanish language commentator. This is just what Tobin Heath does, though.

Creative, skillful, and a joy to watch, Heath makes a habit of surprising opponents. When she made her international debut at 19, she nutmegged a Finland player with her first touch. A year later, she cemented her title as the Queen of Nutmegs by doing it to two Canada players in a row.

The lesson here is that, when watching Tobin Heath play, don’t blink.