A Juventus fan is walking 683 miles for a Champions League final ticket


Before beating Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals, Juventus asked fans on Twitter what they would do if the club reached the final for the first time since 2003. One man said he would walk from Turin to Berlin, the site of the final, and the club decided to take him up on it.

So when Juve earned their place in the final against Barcelona, it was time for Nicolo De Marchi to earn his ticket with a 683-mile trek.

Averaging more than 80 miles a day, Nicolo “has been allowed to use a bike for parts of the journey and a car for 12 miles due to hazardous conditions,” according to the BBC. He was supposed to reach his destination on Thursday, but he posted on Instagram that fatigue had set in, delaying his arrival by a day.


After this adventure, no one will appreciate being able to watch the Champions League final in person more than Nicolo. Assuming he’s able to stay awake after walking nearly 700 miles.