Asmir Begovic is on the cover of a golf video game

Newly signed Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic tweeted a special gift he received from EA Sports, who apparently felt he needed something to help him pass the time while he watches Thibaut Courtois all season. The gift was a copy of the new Rory McIlroy PGA Tour golf video game, but with one strange difference.

Compare the image from his tweet to a standard image of the game and see if you can spot it…


Yes, EA Sports put Begovic’s head on Rory McIlroy’s body (and changed his shirt). Why Begovic? I have no idea. Though footballers like Wayne Rooney, Petr Cech, Theo Walcott, and James Milner have featured in previous editions of the game as special characters, no others appear to have tweeted personalized copies of the new installment as of this writing. So it seems he’s the only one to get this treatment. Asmir Begovic. Good for him.