If your heart doesn’t go out to Laura Bassett, we’re not entirely sure you have one

By Sam

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

We legitimately cringed when Laura Bassett’s poor touch in stoppage time sent Japan to the World Cup final. [source: /u/DannyOcean148]

When Portugal’s Sporting introduced Jorge Jesus as its new manager, there should have been a collective sigh of relief that he wouldn’t be taking over warm-up dancer duties as well. Bonus points for the terrifying lion. [source: reddit]

Carlos Zambrano went for broke on the back of Chile’s Charles Aranguíz. [source: streamable]

Jeison Murillo showed why he’s a center back for Colombia and not their iceman penalty taker. [source: youtube]

Turin can expect a rise in the amount of children needing psychiatric help after Juventus and Adidas released this commercial previewing the kit for 2015–16. Watch the whole advertisement at the source. [source: Adidas]