Cristiano Ronaldo says he’s not smart enough to be FIFA president

At the premiere of a documentary about himself, where he attempted to break the world record for selfies taken in a three-minute span, Cristiano Ronaldo actually said something self-effacing.

When asked if he fancied a go at being FIFA president, Cristiano said he isn’t up to the task. From Reuters:

“I’m not that smart to be president. I do not worry about that or about what is going to happen in my future,” Ronaldo said.

“I think I’m still able to play a few more years of football but in the future I have other projects that will be more interesting than being president.”

OK, so he ended up turning a humble comment into a way of saying that he’s too good for the job, but it was an impressive attempt by his standards.

Here’s his (failed) attempt to break The Rock’s Guinness World Record of 107 selfies in three minutes…