DTotD: Didier Drogba pulls goalkeeper’s leg, gets meme’d


Didier Drogba has been showing his MLS opposition who’s boss with 12 goals in 13 matches since joining the league, but in Sunday’s playoff game against Columbus, he showed goalkeeper Steve Clark what happens when you stop him from scoring. You get your leg pulled.

Clark had the ball at his feet at the edge of the box when Drogba saw an opportunity to try and make a tackle and strip him of it, but Clark got the pass off just in time and Drogba took him down, then pulled his leg as he tried to get back up. Because…reasons.

Drogba was shown a yellow card and Montreal went on to win the first leg of the tie 2–1. Our friends at Howler Magazine, meanwhile, got busy with photoshop…

But they weren’t the only ones…

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