Jose Mourinho just wants to win so young Chelsea fans don’t get bullied

Chelsea finally won a match, beating Dynamo Kiev 2–1 with a superb Willian free kick in the 83rd minute. It was a win Jose Mourinho desperately needed, as reports of him only having a match or two left before he gets sacked intensify. And though fans at Stamford Bridge chanted his name and showed their support for him throughout the game, Mourinho made it clear afterwards that his thoughts are with the kids in this difficult time.

Said Mourinho (via the Telegraph):

“It’s easy for kids to go to school in a Chelsea shirt when Chelsea win every match. It’s not easy for 11 or 12-year-old kids to go to school with a Chelsea shirt when Chelsea are losing matches, when probably they are bullied by other kids whose teams are winning.”

With Arsenal losing 5–1 to Bayern, it’s probably not the Chelsea kids who have to worry about getting laughed at this week.