Spectators leaving Stade de France sing national anthem after attacks

Dans un tunnel de sortie du Stade de France, sortie dans le calme…. Et la Marseillaise. #fier pic.twitter.com/DeZalRXgmt

— KARL OLIVE (@KARLOLIVE) November 14, 2015

As the devastating attacks on Paris unfolded outside the Stade de France during the France-Germany friendly, the stadium became a place of refuge for those inside. The German team stayed in the stadium for the night after a bomb threat on their hotel was reported earlier in the day and fans stood on the pitch until they were given the all clear to go home.


Once they were, a tense and quiet exit ensued. But, perhaps to calm their nerves amidst panic and confusion, perhaps out of defiance, they sang the French national anthem.

It was a moment that illustrates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of hatred and violence. That positivity always has a place amidst negativity. That, in the end, destructive forces will never win.

When you think of the awful events of this day, remember the singing of those who will not be intimidated.