Zlatan Ibrahimovic carries Sweden on his manbun to Euro 2016


A brace from captain, messiah, and savior Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave Sweden a 4–3 aggregate win over Denmark to send them to Euro 2016. Zlatan’s second goal was an inch-perfect free kick that you have to look at right now…


Zlatan has absolutely carried Sweden through the qualification process, scoring 11 of their last 15 goals, according to Opta. That’s 73% of the team’s goals! Not bad for a 34-year-old.

Naturally, like the action hero that he is, Zlatan had some parting words for his eliminated adversaries. He reportedly said: “They said they were going to send me to retirement. I sent their whole nation to retirement.” Zlam.


Now Zlatan will lead Sweden to France for Euro 2016 — the two nations he credits himself for putting “on the world map.” That trophy will be his, whether Sweden win their matches or not.