Petr Cech forms a festive band with Alexis Sanchez and Nacho Monreal

Petr Cech puts his drumming skills to good, playing a holiday medley with Santa Claus on guitar to benefit the Arsenal Foundation. But when Alexis Sanchez and Nacho Monreal enter the room, Cech puts them to work for a jam session.

With Sanchez on keyboard (he really does play the piano) and Monreal on sleigh bells, they perform a little ditty before Cech ribs Monreal by telling him that he “made all the difference.”

Meanwhile, in Germany, Rafinha has Berni the bear dancing with his ukelele cavaquinho cover of “Ai Se Eu Te Pego.”

If this was a musical footballers competition show, Rafinha (and Berni) would go through to the next round. Lovely stuff.