Cristiano Ronaldo scores free kick over the Incredible Hulk and a penguin

In an effort to improve on his underwhelming free kick conversion rate, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to have a little (very little) competition with his son in their backyard.

Using a miniature ball and goal, the two Cristianos set up a wall of toys, including an Incredible Hulk (the green guy, not the Brazilian footballer) figure and a penguin. After bouncing his first attempt into the wall, big Cristiano ended up winning (although, the Hulk had fallen over, so it probably shouldn’t have counted). Naturally, he celebrated by doing that “SIIIIII!” thing he did at last year’s Ballon d’Or gala, which is apparently a thing he’s still doing.

Maybe if he just imagines a wall made of penguins he’ll have more success with free kicks at work, too.