DTotD: Freight train Carlos Tevez breaks goalkeeper’s jaw


To score on a goalkeeper is one thing, but to then break his jaw later in the match is just uncalled for. And yet, this is what Carlos Tevez did in Boca Juniors’ 4–1 win over Newell’s Old Boys last weekend.

Tevez scored Boca’s second goal in the sixth minute, but later in the match he had a one-v-one with 20-year-old keeper Ezequiel Unsain and attempted to run right through him, breaking the poor guy’s jaw with his knee.

The collision left Unsain looking like he was dead.


It was later confirmed that the keeper had a broken jaw and underwent surgery that will require 45 days of recovery time. Here’s the x-ray:

The next time you see Carlos Tevez barreling towards you, move.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.