Jurgen Klopp went back to Germany and all he got was a lousy pretzel


Jurgen Klopp took Liverpool back to his native Germany for the first time to play the first leg of a Europa League tie against Augsburg. It didn’t go particularly well, but he did get a pretzel out of it, at least.

Prior to the match, Augsburg tweeted a handy Scouse to German guide just in case Klopp needed a refresher.

Before kickoff, all eyes (and camera lenses) were on Jurgen.


But once the match began, there wasn’t much to see as it ended in a scoreless draw. So to ensure that Klopp didn’t go home empty handed, the Bavarian club presented him with a large pretzel as he sat down for his post-match press conference, giving him something to chomp on while he answered questions about his team’s inability to score against a club currently sitting 14th in the Bundesliga table.

Of course, if Liverpool can’t score in the return leg, there will be no pretzels. Only boos.