Lionel Messi passes penalty to Luis Suarez for audacious goal

At a certain point, anything can get a bit boring. When you’re Lionel Messi and you’re up 3–1 against Celta Vigo in the 80th minute, you’ve reached one of those times where taking a penalty as one normally does just feels a bit bland. So instead of shooting from the spot, you lay off a pass to Luis Suarez to confound the goalkeeper, blow the minds of everyone watching and get your teammate his hat trick. That, my friends, is the mark of genius.

Johan Cruyff and Jesper Olsen did it, Arsenal tried it (and failed miserably), and now Messi and Suarez have done it too.

Barca went on to win 6–1. If it’s possible, opposing goalkeepers might be even more afraid of them now.

UPDATE: Turns out Suarez screwed up the penalty routine and the pass was actually intended for Neymar. So this work of art was actually a ruined plan gone right.