Louis van Gaal continues mission to make David Moyes look good

(NBC Sports)

(NBC Sports)

When David Moyes was run out of Manchester United before even completing one full season, it seemed the club had weathered the worst of their post-Alex Ferguson troubles. Louis van Gaal replaced caretaker Ryan Giggs the following season and got Man United back to their usual place in the Champions League.

This season, however, Van Gaal has seemed determined to prove that things could have been worse under Moyes. With Saturday’s 2–1 loss to 19th-place Sunderland, Man United are actually one point worse than they were through the same number of matches under Moyes.

Given the increased parity in the Premier League this season, Van Gaal’s 41 points (the fewest through 26 matches for Man United in the Premier League era) translate to fifth in the table, whereas Moyes’ 42 only had Man United seventh that season. But the Dutchman has already lost hope on finishing in the top four, saying “It’s too much at this time.”


David Moyes just has one question for Van Gaal now: “Will you be my valentine?”