Louis van Gaal takes a dive during argument with fourth official

Beating Arsenal 3–2 thanks to a second brace in as many first-team appearances from 18-year-old Marcus Rashford, Louis van Gaal broke free from the eternal sadness that has kept him affixed to the bench for much of this season as if he was afraid that Jose Mourinho would take his seat if he dared to stand up.

With this sudden rush of confidence, Van Gaal decided to argue with the fourth official after a skirmish on the pitch, going so far as to fall over to prove some kind of point that only a man who tells his players to be “horny” would attempt to prove.

The Old Trafford crowd loved it, the referee refrained from booking him for simulation, and Arsene Wenger considered crawling under the pitch instead of just falling on top of it as another Premier League title slips away.