MLS All-Star opponent decided with bad acting

And the 2016 @ATT #MLSAllStar opponent is…

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) February 11, 2016

MLS announced that their All-Stars will face Arsenal this summer and to coincide with the news, the league put out a video showing how the fixture came together starring a collection of MLS and Arsenal players.

Highlights include:

-A dig at Spurs (who lost 2–1 to the All-Stars last summer)
-Kaka requesting that Mesut Özil be reminded that he owes him dinner
-Thierry Henry’s eyebrows
-Poor phone conversation synching
-Arsene Wenger’s climactic cameo

No one here is going to win an award for their acting ability (not even a fourth-place trophy), but that’s part of what makes it enjoyable. Good fun.