Nicklas Bendtner, the king of dumb fines, gets fined for Instagram photo

Leave it to Nicklas Bendtner to get fined by his club for an Instagram picture of himself preparing to go to a training session. The Danish striker previously fined €100,000 by UEFA for showing his sponsored underpants after scoring a goal at Euro 2012 has now been fined an undisclosed amount by Wolfsburg for posting a picture of himself getting into a Mercedes. This is a problem because Wolfsburg’s shirt sponsor is Volkswagen.

From Sky Sports:

“We have our rules, one of those being that you must pay attention to how you are photographed in public,” said Wolfsburg’s director of sport Klaus Allofs.

“The rules are not new.

“It’s misconduct and it’s careless, which at the end of the day will cost [Bendtner] money.”

The image was posted three days ago, but Bendtner still hasn’t taken it down. Perhaps Mercedes are making it worth his while, just as the bookmaker that sponsored his underwear did.