England come back from 2–0 down to beat Germany, destroy everything you thought you knew about real life


First things first, this was only a friendly. So you might want to recite that sentence after every single line of this post. That said, it’s only fitting that during a season in which Leicester City are on the verge of winning the Premier League title, England come back from 2–0 down to beat Germany at the Olympiastadion with total disregard for everything humankind knows to be true.

Toni Kroos and Mario Gomez gave the world champions a seemingly comfortable two-goal cushion by the 57th minute, but then in the 61st minute, Harry Kane decided that he is Johan Cruyff now.


In the 71st minute, Jamie Vardy came off the bench and three minutes later scored with a stunning backheel that turned Manuel Neuer to dust.


To cap off this improbable comeback, Eric Dier headed in the winner during the first minute of added time. England won 3–2 and all of this happened with Gary Cahill as the team’s captain.

So now England are basically favorites to win Euro 2016 and the audacious creativity will be systematically stamped out of this fresh group of players once the zombified corpse of Wayne Rooney returns from injury. But when it all goes predictably wrong in June, we’ll still have this document of the brief moment when anything was possible and Roy Hodgson felt like he was flying.