Johan Cruyff in pictures and film

The incomparable John Cruyff died today at the age of 68 after battling lung cancer. This has naturally sparked a wave of tributes to his genius both on the pitch and the touchline, but for someone like Cruyff, words can only do so much.

The documentary above gives a nice overview of his life and career mixed with footage of his greatest moments and praise from those who saw his legend develop in their presence.

Above all, Cruyff believed that football should be fun — a message that has been the driving force behind DT, as well. So here are some fun pictures of Johan over the years…

A common theme in Johan Cruyff action shots: opponents on the ground.

Told you.

In the Alfa Romeo showroom.

Giving another opponent a front-row seat.

Swagging it up.

Adding gold chains to his Barca kit.

Cruyff played for the LA Aztecs and the Washington Diplomats in the old NASL, but he also played a couple of matches with Franz Beckenbauer’s New York Cosmos.

Johan gets a Bavarian hat before his 1978 Ajax testimonial.

Making a friend in the U.S.

Celebrating Frank Rijkaard’s wedding, 1985 (obviously).

Hanging out with neighbor Ronald Koeman outside their Barcelona homes.

Ray-Bans and lollipops.

Thierry Henry applauds Cruyff during Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial in 2006.

Still got it, 2013.