2016 Arsenal civil war moans on with protest and counterprotest


The Great Arsenal Civil War of 2016 eclipsed the club’s match against Norwich as fans took the battle from the outposts of YouTube, Twitter, and Starbucks across north London to Emirates Stadium itself. An organized Wenger Out protest was met by a pro-Wenger resistance force while some highly paid men in kits ran around a bit.


Prior to the match, it seemed the Wenger Out brigade would have the advantage on the day with their banners and “time for change” signs, but inside the ground, the pro-Wenger troops fought back with a different weapon: their voices.


“There’s only one Arsene Wenger,” they chanted, taking an air advantage over their opponents’ ground attack, which did have some tactical missteps.

When and how this war will end remain unclear, but future generations will surely remember it to be one of the longest and ugliest football civil wars in history. The grandchildren of these brave combatants will visit historical markers where their forefathers’ dignity was lost in fierce debates over net spend and fourth place trophies.

Of course, one man can bring an end to all of this by winning the league again or moving on. Until he does one of those two things, however, innocent lives will continue to be caught in the inane crossfire.