The Lionel Messi of pitch invaders makes incredible run to reach his goal

Too many footballers to count have been compared to Lionel Messi over the years, but this pitch invader at a Spartak Moscow match truly deserves the title.

Watch as he deftly evades no less than a dozen stewards as he weaves his way to the pitch, even causing two of them to collide with each other along the way. And once he gets past all of them, he does a flip over the advertising board before reaching the wide open space of the promised land — hat and sunglasses in place. Once on the pitch, he casually walks around, free of any further pursuit, almost as if the embarrassed stewards felt that he deserved his moment.

This is right up there with Messi’s famous goal against Getafe. If only Messi were wearing sunglasses and a backwards hat for that one.