What is Cristiano Ronaldo looking at?


Prior to the first leg of Real Madrid’s Champions League quarterfinal against Wolfsburg, Cristiano Ronaldo was pictured with a wild-eyed look on his face that was rather alarming. Here are some possible sights that prompted this reaction…

-Rafa Benitez sitting on Real Madrid’s bench.

-A hot tub full of hair gel.

-A future where Real Madrid follow up a win against Barcelona with a 2–0 loss to Wolfsburg in which Marcelo makes himself a laughingstock.

-Karim Benzema telling him he has his sex tape.

-Karim Benzema driving his car.

-Karim Benzema doing pretty much anything.

-The leprechaun from the movie Leprechaun.

-A glass of red wine that was just placed at the very edge of a table above his expensive new carpet.

-His inept twin brother Barry Ronaldo.

-A stack of waffles the size of an above ground pool.

-The advertisements in which he’s promoted strange Japanese products.

-His son wearing a Messi shirt.