DTotD: Marouane Fellaini elbows Robert Huth, gets his hair pulled

Fellaini elbows and then punches Huth.

What a ####! pic.twitter.com/LFMuBrE0OP

— Football Expose (@FootballExpose) May 1, 2016

Marouane Fellaini delivered his 1,872nd elbow to an opponent’s head (which entitles him to a free small coffee!) as Man United hosted Leicester City. Though Fellaini’s elbow didn’t seem to hurt Robert Huth’s jaw of steel, the German defender did give Fellaini a taste of his own medicine with a hair pull.

Both acts went unpunished by the referee, but at least we now know that Fellaini’s hair is real and Huth’s jaw isn’t.

UPDATE: This incident gave Louis van Gaal an excuse to pull a Sky Sports reporter’s hair during his post-match interview. So I think we can agree that it was all worth it.


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