DTotD: Pittsburgh Riverhounds player viciously kicks opponent in the back


A Red Bulls II player who was sent off during a USL match against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds ended up having to be taken away on a stretcher after being kicked in the back. With the Red Bulls up 3–1 late in the game, a scuffle broke out, resulting in New York’s Karl Ouimette and Pittsburgh’s Romeo Parkes both getting red cards. Presumably figuring that he had nothing left to lose, Parkes kept jawing at Ouimette as he walked off before kicking him in the back like Leonidas in 300.

Parkes, who is the Riverhounds’ leading scorer, is almost certain to receive a lengthy ban for this.

UPDATE: Parkes apologized on Twitter.


Subtext: “Please don’t ban me until I’m 80.”

UPDATE II: Well, the Riverhounds did him one worse and terminated his contract.

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