Leicester players celebrate improbable Premier League title at Jamie Vardy’s house party


After being told by everyone all season that he’s having a party, Jamie Vardy decided to do just that for the Chelsea-Spurs match that would prove to be the final result needed to confirm Leicester’s Premier League title. And as a result, we get this brilliant celebration video.

To recap, this is actual video of Leicester City players celebrating their real-life Premier League title in Jamie Vardy’s living room. I don’t believe it, either.

Despite playing host to the party for the world’s most unbelievable sporting victory, Vardy still had time to troll Spurs’ Harry Kane on Twitter. Two weeks ago, when it seemed Spurs might have a chance to pip Leicester to the title, Harry Kane posted a menacing picture of approaching lions on Instagram.


So amidst the jubilation after Spurs squandered a 2–0 halftime lead to Chelsea, Vardy posted an appropriate image from The Lion King.

Jamie Vardy’s having a party and the last laugh.