Luca Toni chips in a penalty during his final match, retires like a boss

World Cup winner Luca Toni went out in pretty much the best way a guy on a relegated team could hope by audaciously chipping in a penalty and beating Serie A champions Juventus 2–1. The 38-year-old striker, who was Serie A’s top scorer as recently as last season, executed the Panenka that sparked cheers from both sets of fans in the 43rd minute before doing his signature celebration for the last time.

From Football Italia:

Did Toni plan to take his final penalty with a Panenka-style chip?

“No, I’m just not normal in the head! I didn’t know whether to go to the right or the left, so I decided for the chip instead.

“This goodbye is both one of the most wonderful and saddest moments of my life, because leaving football is not easy.”

Luca Toni: numero uno now and forever.