Cristiano Ronaldo’s museum moves to larger site to “welcome Ronaldo’s future trophies”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s self-funded Cristiano Ronaldo museum on his home island of Madeira has moved to a larger site and it did so for a very Cristiano Ronaldo reason.

From the AFP:

The museum’s new two-storey site “will be able to welcome Ronaldo’s future trophies,” his cousin and museum director Nuno Viveiros said.

The treasure trove charting the success of Madeira’s most famous son draws in 200,000 visitors a year.

The previous site already housed 160 of Cristiano’s trophies, but the more incredible number is that 200,000 visitors per year. When Cristiano first opened the original museum, he said that his intention was about vanity and more to draw people to Madeira and boost the local economy. Clearly he’s doing that. And it shouldn’t go unrecognized. Maybe a wing in the new museum will be dedicated to touting his philanthropic efforts.