Croatia fans throw flares on the pitch, halting match against Czechs

All too eager to prove that the Russian and English fans aren’t the only ones capable of being dicks, Croatia supporters threw flares and explosives onto the pitch late into their side’s Euro 2016 match against the Czech Republic.

It was an odd move given that Croatia were up 2–1 when they did it, knowing full well that the match would be halted if it was covered in fire. One steward got a scare when a firework went off right at his feet.

Scenes in the Croatia vs Czech Republic game.

— Football News Now (@FootballNewsN) June 17, 2016

The match ended 2–2 as the Czechs converted a penalty after play resumed. UEFA has already opened a disciplinary case — almost a year to the day after a swastika was etched onto a Croatian pitch for a qualifier against Italy.

The most disturbing aspect of this case, however, is that these people were able to smuggle these items into the stadium despite heightened security measures for the tournament.