Zlatan Ibrahimovic goes home in international farewell Volvo film


Sweden’s 1–0 loss to Belguim in their final Euro 2016 group-stage match marked the end of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s international career. So to commemorate the occasion, Volvo has somehow already released a tender farewell video starring one of their nation’s greatest ever footballers and his family.

The film starts with a reenactment of the very end of the Sweden-Belgium match and follows Zlatan as he goes through his post-match routine one last time. He then meets with his family (who play themselves), gets into the new Volvo and embarks on the 19-hour drive from Nice, France to his hometown of Malmö, Sweden.

Once there, he walks out onto Zlatan Court (a real thing in the neighborhood where he grew up) and pins his national team shirt to the fence. It’s touching in a way most car commercials aren’t.

Here are some images of Zlatan from the actual Sweden-Belgium match for comparison’s sake: