Hull City using advertising boards to prompt fans with song lyrics

Attempting to manufacture atmosphere in the digital age

(Oliver Todd)

Hull City are a club in turmoil. Currently 18th in the Premier League and in the process of being sold by a man with entire websites devoted to promoting his ouster from the club, there is far too much uncertainty at KCOM Stadium for spontaneous singing.

At least, that’s what club officials seem to think because they have started using the digital advertising hoardings to prompt fans with scrolling song lyrics.

This is sad. Reciting what should be expressions of joy and support from a prewritten scroll around the pitch — right down to the length of the “woaaah” or “Liiivermore” defeats the purpose of singing these songs in the first place. That said, it’s probably just a matter of time before clubs around the world are doing this. Try not to miss any action while reading the song it’s been decided you should sing.