David Moyes and his Sunderland players begin new careers at Nissan plant

Finding football difficult, Sunderland reassess their career options

(Sunderland AFC)

Winless through the first 10 matches of their Premier League campaign, embattled Sunderland manager David Moyes and his players went to a local Nissan plant in search of more suitable work.


Duncan Watmore tried to make an extra long straw to go with the cup holders so you don’t have to hold your beverage up to your mouth while driving.


Vito Manone discovered an aptitude for sales.


Seb Larsson was just excited to shake hands with someone who didn’t immediately call him and his teammates a disgrace.


And Paddy McNair made it clear that he would prefer to work for Honda.


As for David Moyes, well, he got invited back for a second interview and has a verbal commitment from Nissan that they won’t hire Jose Mourinho instead of him. So, yeah, it was a pretty good day.