Arsenal sent Carlisle United a Christmas card for some reason

The most festive mystery of our time

(Carlisle United/Twitter)

There are always a few holidays cards that make you say “Really? From them?” upon opening and the same goes for football clubs, apparently.

Carlisle United, who play in League Two, were so delighted with the card they received from Arsenal, who have only played Carlisle five times in their 130-year existence, that they tweeted a photo of it.

Why would Arsenal send Carlisle a holiday card? Maybe they sent one to every club in England. Maybe they just wanted to show off their goofy reindeer sweaters to as many people as possible. Or maybe someone at the Emirates couldn’t bring themselves to address one to Chelsea and sent it to Carlisle instead. Whatever the case, Arsenal’s response to this tweet only created more questions.

Of all the gifs…why that one?!?! What kind of mind games are you playing here, Arsenal?