Mats Hummels dyed his hair because he lost an Oktoberfest bet

Another reason why you should never play carnival games


If you saw Mats Hummels’ newly blond hair during Bayern’s 3–0 win over RB Leipzig and thought “Good lord, he must have lost a bet” you were exactly right. As Hummels tells it, he lost a bet on a carnival game at Oktoberfest and waited until the last moment to pay up.


“I had to have it (dyed) for at least one game in 2016,” Hummels said.

“So I thought to myself ‘We’ll just take first place against second place.’ That way it will get the most attention.”

Hummels told Bild that he has to keep his hair this way for a week, but after that he’s considering shaving it off, the he fears he doesn’t “have the head shape” to pull off the bald look.

It’s telling, however, that what Hummels considers punishment for losing a bet, Leo Messi willing did to himself earlier in the year.

Hummels isn’t totally down on his new look, though.

“In the right light it looks good,” he said. Presumably the “right light” is off.