Arsenal fan civil war reaches physical violence and van propaganda stage

A textbook escalation in an increasingly bizarre conflict

Following the air battle over The Hawthorns, it was only a matter of time before the Wenger Wars escalated into a ground assault. I just don’t think anyone anticipated it would involve a van.

Prior to Sunday’s 2–2 draw with Man City, a fan bearing anti-Wenger messages was hired to drive around London.

This coincided with protest instructions being handed out to fans. Instructions that advised people to reply to every single thing Arsenal tweet with anti-Wenger hashtags and to tweet at the club’s sponsors. Because annoying Europcar’s social media manager is really going to get Wenger sacked.

After the match, things got even uglier when Arsenal fans attacked the production of ArsenalFanTV, convinced that the independent YouTube channel has been profiting by fueling animosities between the “Wenger in” and “Wenger out” factions.

Though it may seem like all of this is being orchestrated as part of a new Sacha Baron Cohen film, I’m afraid it’s all too real. It’s only a matter of time until someone ends up in the hospital after going on Facebook Live and threatening to hold their breath until Wenger leaves the club.