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Cristiano Ronaldo has a Ballon d’Or phone case worth more than his phone

February 19, 2015


Cristiano Ronaldo has a gold ball (three, actually), gold boots, and now he has a gold iPhone case to complete the set of things that would make Auric Goldfinger jealous if he were alive today and a real person. The iPhone 6 case made specially for Ronaldo by Swedish company Golden Concepts is 24 karat gold and worth more than $6,000. So if he drops it, he would be more upset about scratching the case than breaking the phone. Or he wouldn’t care because the combined value of both items is about four minutes worth of wages to him.

Cristiano isn’t the only footballer to have a gold phone case, though. World Cup winners Mario Gotze and Lukas Podolski have them, too.


Neymar, Felip Melo and Roysten Drenthe have them, too.


If you’d like to have an impractical phone case like the footballers, royals, and business moguls that make up Golden Concepts’ customer base, You can order your own custom case on their website.

Photo via Globo

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