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Real Madrid ban supporter for assaulting players’ cars after Clasico loss

March 23, 2015


Following Real Madrid’s 2–1 loss at Barcelona, a pair of the club’s more unrepentantly turdish supporters decided to wait for the players to retrieve their cars upon returning to Madrid and then abuse said cars as they departed. Clearly, these guys have very full and rewarding lives.

The primary targets for these idiots’ car abuse seemed to be Jese’s Audi (though he only played the final 10 minutes of the game) and Gareth Bale’s white Bentley. Sergio Ramos stopped and tried to calm them down, but, as you can imagine, people who decide that punching and kicking the cars of strangers is a reasonable course of action aren’t the type to talk through their emotions.

Since all of this was caught on video, Real Madrid were able to identify the culprits and provisionally ban the one who is a club member. Here’s their statement:

1.- The Club has already identified the individuals responsible, one a Real Madrid member, for these aggressive and violent actions against several of our players.

2.- Details of this member’s identity were sent to the Club’s Discipline Commission, requesting that it expel the individual from Real Madrid for what is considered a very serious offence.

3.- This afternoon, the Discipline Commission held an emergency meeting and decided to open a disciplinary investigation and provisionally suspend the individual’s rights as a member and access to the Santiago Bernabéu or any Real Madrid facilities.

4.- Real Madrid has notified Spain’s National Anti-Violence Commission of the incidents that took place, as well as the identities of the individuals responsible, requesting that it apply those sanctions that it considers appropriate.

5.- Furthermore, Real Madrid will take any applicable legal action against the individuals responsible for these incidents.

Hopefully these men will take all of this as a sign that they should pursue new hobbies more fitting their emotional level. Like collecting rocks or building zen gardens.





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