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Zidane on Sergio Ramos’ mysterious mid-match disappearance: “He pooped himself a little”

Neymar: “PSG need to add Messi if we want to win the Champions League”

Zidane: “The Champions League made me dump other competitions so we can stay together”

Several things Cristiano Ronaldo wants in addition to a guard of honor from Barcelona

Marco Asensio proves he doesn’t have the self-grooming skills to be a top footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo accomplished everything he wanted to in just 24 minutes against Barcelona

There was so much happening with Marouane Fellaini’s head during the UEFA Super Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo’s heartfelt thank-you letter to PSG

Every possible reason Cristiano Ronaldo wants you to think he’s leaving Real Madrid

Antoine Griezmann plainly avoids congratulating Champions League winner Raphael Varane with rest of…

If it continued… (Juventus v Real Madrid)

Real Madrid 4, Juventus 1: A good game

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