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Pedro scores on his Chelsea debut, Falcao declares it “Great, if you like that sort of thing”

August 24, 2015


Pedro scored and assisted Diego Costa’s first goal of the season within the first half hour of Chelsea’s 3–2 win at West Brom. It was a dream debut for the ex-Barca man and it inspired his new club to their first win of the season despite playing with 10 men after John Terry was sent off in the 54th minute.

“Yeah, I mean, he did great…if you like that sort of thing,” said Falcao, who replaced Costa in the 78th minute and is still looking for his first goal in a Chelsea shirt. “If you ask me, it’s maybe a bit selfish to come in and immediately take the spotlight. It’s like, ‘Oh look at me, I can score goals and I’m starting right away! Aren’t I perfect and wonderful and without any injuries that have ruined my career?’ Or something.”

He continued: “Maybe I’m old fashioned. I think you should work your way up to your first goal for a new club instead of scoring them all willy-nilly before you even know the names of the teammates you’re scoring them with. It’s an intimate thing and it should be treated with respect. Scoring goals, I mean.”

Asked if he was jealous of Pedro’s ideal introduction, Falcao said, “Pfft! I mean…pffft. Pfft, come on. I…uh, I have go. Pfft.”





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