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Claudio Ranieri fulfills clean sheet pizza promise to his players

October 26, 2015


Leicester finally recorded their first clean sheet of the season and all it took was the supreme motivational power of pizza. Last month, Claudio Ranieri promised to buy pizza for all of his players if they achieved the feat and in their 10th match of the season, they finally did it, beating Crystal Palace 1–0 to put them three points behind first-place Man City.

Being a man of his word, Ranieri announced that he will fulfill his promise and even throw in some champagne for good measure. And for scorer Jamie Vardy, who now has goals in seven consecutive Premier League matches (giving him a league leading 10 for the season), there will be an added bonus.

From the Shropshire Star:

Asked if the pizzas had been ordered, Ranieri said: “No, not yet. But I did say to the players on the pitch ‘come on, pizza now!’

“I am pleased for Jamie Vardy. It is a big achievement for him, for us, the fans — for everybody. Maybe he gets a bigger piece of pizza — one and a half for him.”

First of all, “Come on, pizza now!” is the greatest rallying cry of all time. Secondly, 10 goals in as many matches only gets Vardy an extra half slice of pizza? His agent needs to negotiate that up to at least three slices with an option for a fourth. And if you think that much pizza is unhealthy, Ranieri is here to tell you that we should all be eating pizza everyday.

From the Guardian:

“Champagne and pizza is good,” Ranieri said. “Not fantastic but it’s OK.” Asked whether such a diet is unhealthy, he replied: “No, it’s carbohydrate — good for the muscles.”

This is why all of humanity should be rooting for Leicester to succeed. Because success for Leicester means success for pizza. Come on, pizza now!

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